The "Must Attend Travel Event right before Wave Season"

January 5th - 9th, 2023

Due to the rise in the Covid 19 virus & many of our Vendors asking to postpone this event, we will be hosting the event in 2023


I invite you to join us at The World Travel Expo - Orlando Travel Conference designed for Education, Networking and Inspiration. The last 20 months have been devastating to our beloved travel industry. For many us, we breathe the Travel Life so, to witness the mass-carnage to our industry has been heart-breaking, to say the least. Now however, there is a brilliant light on the horizon and it is time to unite as Travel Professionals and begin rebuilding our livelihood through Education, Networking and Inspiration  - Yours in Travel, Anders Bailey

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In our profession, conditions are constantly changing so, educating yourself is of the  utmost importance. The educational travel classes we are providing, Wednesday through Friday, at the conference are University caliber classes consisting of:

  • in-depth destination workshops
  • Supplier educational workshops
  • Charging Fees - Which Business model works              best for you?
  • Client acquisition and retention
  • Sales & Marketing for today's market
  • Social Media is there a ROI?
  • You Are The Expert, producing seminars that          sell your services
  • Operating a successful Home-based business
  • All together over 150 classes for you to                   choose  from.
  • Access for 2022 to our online Educational Portal with Training Decks, Training Videos, Master Classes and Destination / Vendor Training Decks


In the Hospitality Industry while Education and Product Knowledge is require, Networking is the true life-blood of Hospitality. At the World Travel Expo you will have numerous opportunities for networking.

The Conference offers:

  • 1 on 1 private meetings on the Expo Hall Floor
  • 10 on 1 Pavilion meetings 
  • Supplier workshops
  • Privately Hosted breakfast, lunch, dinners &           cocktail parties by our Travel Partners. 
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inspiration  [ in-spuh-rey-shuhn ]


   1.   an inspiring or animating action or influence

   2.  something inspired, as an idea.

   3.  a result of inspired activity.

   4.  a thing or person that inspires.

No matter what your definition of Inspiration is, this just may be the most important part of this conference. Can you imagine your productive after attending this high-energy event just before "Wave Season"? Inspiration will turn into motivation and NEW SALES!


Call us with any questions you may have.


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